Open: Every Day 13 - 20

Your stomach is growling but sitting down in a restaurant isn’t appealing – what now? You can easily pick up Punakettu’s takeaway-dishes from our restaurant and take them back to your lodging. It’s very easy: pick a dish of your choosing from our takeaway-menu, call in to place your order and come pick up your treats.

Last take away orders at 20.00.


We use 100% Finnish meat. Some of our dishes can also be made gluten-free. Pasta-dishes and burgers can also be made gluten-free. Flour is used in our kitchen in the making of our food so the food may contain gluten.

Takeaway – delicious treats easily to-go

Choose a dish

Pick a dish of your choosing from the above Punakettu Takeaway-menu

call and place an order

Call the number 020 710 7790 and the staff of Punakettu will write down your order

pick up from the restaurant

Pick up your order from the restaurant, you’ll get an estimated pick up time from us. It’s easy and safe!

Takeaway is available on Wed. – Sat. at 12am-8pm, pick up only from restaurant. For orders over 20 people and on holidays pre-order with at least one days notice.