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What is a munkelo? It’s a salty filled doughnut of course, which you can find in the legendary Torvinen hut in Luosto. People also come to the ski cafe for its famous pancakes – how does a delicious berry pancake or a lovely savory pancake sound? With or without skis, you’re welcome.

ski cafe

In winter, Torvinen hut works as an atmospheric cafe where it’s always a pleasure to stop by and have a cup of hot coffee. The hut holds up to 30 people and also has an A-license, if you’re in the mood for something stronger than coffee.

summer cafe

Why wouldn’t you come by Torvinen hut in the summer? Our cozy hut can be booked for private events – in the summer or winter. Ask also more about our rental tentsile-tents, if you want to enjoy nature more.

The history of Torvis hut

The history of the Torvinen hut history goes all the way back to the year 1957 when the building was built by the Torvinen village association. It was a regionally significant moment as it was the first guest hut made for tourism purposes in Luosto – the tourism and travelling industry was only just starting and there wasn’t even a hotel in Luosto.

Torvinen hut turned out to be a popular destination. People would travel there with many different ways; horse-back, with skis or walking. The fact that one night in the two-storey bunk bed cost 180 Finnish marks, which wasn’t a small price at the time, tells you something about the popularity of the place. 

Even to this day the hut runs without running water and electricity. During the season it takes approximately nine stacked cubic metres of firewood to warm up the hut and the oil lamps eat up almost 50 litres of oil.

Torvisen Majan kyltti.
Torvisen Majan sisätilat.

For some time the hut was left uninhabited but in the 1980’s the Takala sisters stepped into the picture and truly left their mark on the hut.

The sisters transformed the hut into a ski cafe, which created the doughnut tradition that’s still around even today. Esko Takala built a big and impressive fireplace into the hut. The fireplace has Luostos famous amethyst stones embedded into it. The whole Takala family put a lot of time and effort into the hut, which we can all be grateful of today. 

Today Torvinen hut works as a ski and summer cafe on the side of the national park, only 5 kilometres away from the town centre of Luosto. People no longer arrive with a horse-pulled carriage but with a car. Still many guests choose to travel to their destination by foot, skis or snowshoes. 

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