If Punakettu wasn’t red, its color would probably be green – that’s how close green acts, ecology and responsibility are to our hearts. As an indicator of this we have been granted the respected Green Key -certificate that is given to businesses that are, among others, committed to optimizing the usage of energy and water. 

Green Key -certified business

Punakettu is a Green Key -certified business but what does that mean in practice? To receive a Green Key -badge a business has to prove to be committed to raising environmental awareness among its staff and customers, optimizing energy and water usage and lessening the strain made on the environment.

Ecology and local food

Here at Punakettu we make ecological choices: we offer local food, we utilize ecological heating methods as well as recycle. For example, we use geothermal heating as an energy supply and energy and water usage optimized technology in our kitchen. Our goal is to lessen our carbon footprint so we monitor closely its level and content.

Pikku-Venlan lihapulla-annos lautaselle aseteltuna.
Let’s protect our nature together

The water in Luosto is spring water filtered trough layers of ancient stone and amethist rocks. This makes the water very soft and delicious. We recommend drinking loads of it! Nature and protecting it is close to our hearts, so you can leave any trash collected from the nature to the blue garbage bins on our patio. We thank you for your collaboration!