A family restaurant with a jovial atmosphere

A red line flew through a snowy forest. It was a fox with a dream to bring the coziness of its home burrow to the outside world. You’ll be able to enjoy the hospitality of Restaurant Punakettu (”Red Fox”) in the business center of Luosto where there’s hearty food from natures pure ingredients and a whole heapful of great atmosphere – also for the little foxes of the family.

the burgers of punakettu

Burgers with the right amount of size, look and taste.

the best pizzas
of the north

Milano is not the only place that can make a high quality pizza. Come in and try it out yourself!

little foxes’

Our kids menu is designed for the taste buds of 10-year olds and under.


We use 100% Finnish meat. Some of our dishes can also be made gluten-free. Pasta-dishes and burgers can also be made gluten-free. Flour is used in our kitchen in the making of our food so the food may contain gluten.

Authentic and local flavours of Lapland

The nature of Lapland is full of treasures therefore here at Punakettu we trust local ingredients. Come in and discover your favourite!


For big and small foxes

Punakettu is enjoyable for bigger and smaller guests.


Responsible and local

Punakettu has been granted the Green Key certificate and the Likiliike Sodankylä badge.

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