Our partners, who are responsible for bringing locality to your plate, are a part of the larger Punakettu family. For example, the buns and other baked goods come from Kemijärvi, reindeer meat from Orajärvi village and the berries are hand picked by the people of Sodankylä.

Pullakori Torvisen Majalla
Baked goods from Kemijärven Kiuaspulla

From Kemijärven Kiuaspulla, Punakettu gets all the baked goods it needs – and we need a whole lot! There’re burger buns, pizza dough, soup bread and also pastries. A portion of the products are also available gluten-free. Merely the thought of them makes your mouth water!

Reindeer meat from Pello and Luosto

Sautéed reindeer might be the most famous food from Lapland and different forms of it are also a hit here at Punakettu. In addition you can also find roast reindeer, reindeer burger and reindeer pizza from our menu. Most of our reindeer products come from the Maijala family farm in Pello.

Punaketun kuuluisa poropizza punasipulilla, leipäjuustolla ja hillalla.
Fish from Sodankylä, you’re welcome

At Punakettu, you can enjoy fish in many forms from soups to pizzas and beyond. But where are these delicious fish products from? To unravel the answer set your sights on Sodankylä; Kiveliön Kala has been operating in the business from the year of 1983, so they have plenty of experience and knowledge. 

Authentic local ingredients

Punakettu’s ingredients favor local vendors. Maakerkelä’s bread cheese we use comes from Kemijärvi. From the village of Kairala in Pelkosenniemi comes Jaakkola’s turnips and turnip beer. From Lapland Brewery comes Pyhä-Luosto lager and Kaltio mineral waters.  Mushrooms, berries and other seasonal products are picked by different vendors from Sodankylä and Pelkosenniemi.