From a family for families and for everybody else – this is how we are at Punakettu, proud to be a family restaurant in the mids of bigger chains. Our entire colourful crew wants our guests to feel at home regardless of age. Here you can also find more information about our bigger family, our partners.

Punaketun omistaja perheensä kanssa.
A second generation family restaurant

Punakettu is a family business led by Maria Heikkilä. Her mother Kerttu works in the background as an inspector and an advisor who hosted her own restaurant Kerttuli for 20 years. Kerttus experience is more precious than gold because she has witnessed first hand as a professional the complete evolution of Luosto.

Fun and games for all ages

Punakettu offers great time for the entire family. From our kid’s menu all the little foxes can find delicious options, but that’s not all; we also arrange fun games and events, such as face-painting courses that will surely entertain everyone.

Asiakasperhe valitsee ruokalistasta annoksia.
Pikku-Venlan lihapulla-annos lautaselle aseteltuna.
Delicious food for the whole family

At Punakettu there is no need for the little foxes tummies to growl. Pick from our kids menu suitable dishes for the entire litter. There is a lot of options from burgers and pizzas to Laplands favourites like sautéed reindeer. Our kids menu has been designed for the taste buds of kids under 10-years old.

Responsibility is a part of Punakettu

If Punakettu wasn’t red its colour would probably be green – that’s how close green acts, ecologicality and responsibility are to our hearts. As an indicator of this we have earned the prestigious Green Key -certificate, which is given to businesses that are, among other things, committed to optimizing the usage of energy and water. 

The partners of the Punakettu family

Our partners, who are responsible for bringing locality to your plate, are a part of the larger Punakettu family. For example, the buns and other baked goods come from Kemijärvi, reindeer meat from Orajärvi village and the berries are hand picked by the people of Sodankylä.