Family Restaurant Punakettu

The restaurant is like a mighty fox itself: beautiful, warm, clever, happy, foxy, funny, alluring and easily approachable. Like a cozy foxhole indeed. One cannot pass the venue without popping in.
Family Restaurant Punakettu  is a cozy food restaurant situated in Luosto centrum. The atmosphere is brought by a cozy fireplace and outdoor terrace as well as interior designed with forest colors which can cater up to 60 persons at once.
We serve tasty dishes from local ingredients as well as hamburgers and pizzas with a relaxed twist.

You can take away breakfast from the large glass cabinet filled with sweet and salty delights or enjoy the delicacies on spot.

We're open

Mon - Sat 12pm - 9pm / 10pm
Sun 1pm - 9pm

Contact us

 +358 20 710 7790     restaurant (at)      Luostontie 4, 99555 Luosto